Renting with Rout Brothers

Renting with Rout Brothers

Rental payments:

Rent must be paid in advance – ie: before the day it falls due.

Payments are accepted by direct deposit into Rout Brothers Real Estate trust account (bsb) 014253 (account) 495895669.

Please use your address or surname as a reference. Please do not use the reference “rent” .

Rout Brothers Real Estate does not accept cash payments.

If you pay your rent by cheque at an ANZ branch and your cheque bounces you will be charged the relevant bank fees.

We will not issue you with a receipt, but a copy of your ledger, showing all rental payments, can be requested from us at anytime – please email -

If your rent falls into arrears you will receive a sms reminder after 3 days, a phone call from our office after 5 days and if the rent remains unpaid for 7 days you will be issued with a Notice to Remedy Breach, which will be recorded on your file and made available to future prospective landlords. If you are having difficulty paying your rent please call or email your property manager as soon as you are aware there may be a delay with your payment.


General Maintenance: 

All maintenance must be reported in writing – an email direct to stating the details of the requested maintenance. Include a brand and model number if appropriate. If the repair relates to a tap, please be specific about which room (ie: ensuite bathroom, cold tap, vanity). Please also include instructions for gaining access to the property – ie: “tradesperson can collect key from Rout Brothers” – or give contact number for tradesperson to call to arrange access direct with yourself.

If a drain is blocked by a personal item or a toilet deodoriser the plumbers account will be payable by the tenant.

Emergency Maintenance:

Please refer to the Out Of Hours Emergency link under the "For Rent" tab on this website.

If a tradesperson is arranged directly by the tenants and it is deemed that the repair was not of a emergency nature, costs may be recovered from the tenant. Where ever possible we encourage you to wait until business hours, unless of course, you are concerned for your safety or extensive damage to property may occur.

Care of your property:

Where a property has polished floors, tenants are requested to use protective padding under all furniture, to not drag heavy furniture and to ensure high heeled shoes are not worn at all on the floors.

Where a property has a laminate bench top, tenants are requested to use a chopping board and to not place hot items directly on the bench top.

Where a property has air conditioning, tenants are required to clean the filters at least once every 6 months. If you need assistance with this, please email us for instructions.

Tenants must replace light bulbs that blow during the tenancy at their own expense – including rangehood and oven light bulbs.

Wheelie Bins must be brought in as soon as possible after collection. Brisbane City Council may issue a fine for leaving them out. Do not place non-recyclable material in the recycle bin – council will not collect it and you will have to sort the rubbish.

Cooktops are to be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth to avoid damage and staining. Under no circumstances should abrasive sponges or irritating chemicals, such as oven cleaner or spot removers be used. On ceramic cooktops, use a ceramic cooktop specific scraper ( available at supermarkets), to remove any cooking spills. We also highly recommend the use of a non abrasive cleaner such as  Hillmark Ceramic cleaner. Some ovens have a self cleaning liner that should not be sprayed with oven cleaner – please check with your property manager if you are unsure.

Bathroom surfaces, tapware, toilets, shower screens etc... all require regular cleaning to avoid build up of soap scum and bacteria which can cause permanent damage. Compensation from the owner may be claimed for damage caused through neglect.

Lawns and garden beds must be kept neat and tidy – with reference to their condition at the beginning of the tenancy. If you are not certain of the condition standard, check your condition report or email your property manager and request photos taken at the time.

Swimming Pools usually have a regular visit from a pool care company at the owners cost. Any chemicals used during these visits are charged to the tenants. Day to Day care, such as scooping  leaves and emptying filter baskets are the tenants responsibility.            

Moving out: 

Correct notice must be given in writing – if you are unsure of the notice period required please email us on

We will acknowledge your written notice by sending you all the necessary information and documents. This will include a cleaning list and contact details for carpet cleaners, gardeners etc...

If you are breaking your lease you will be required to pay the letting fee ( one week rent + GST)  and advertising cost ($90) upfront.

Your tenancy: 

All permanent tenants and occupants must be approved before they move into the property by Rout Brothers Real Estate.

It is considered to be a breach of your tenancy to have unauthorised occupants residing in the property.

It is in your best interests to advise our agency of any changes to occupants. We will follow up with updated bond documents and lodge these with the Residential Tenancies Authority. The RTA require the original signatures’ of the departing tenant/s, the new tenant/s and an Agent from our office. Delays to your bond refund will result if this is not done.


A Pet Application must be completed and approved before an animal is permitted at the property.  This includes Cats, Dogs,Guinea Pigs, Birds, Lizards, Snakes, Fish ,Turtles – or any other animal.

It is considered a breach of your tenancy agreement if you have an unapproved animal at the property.